Political Observations
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Nothing Changes but the Date and the Cast-of-Characters

this guy isn't the only daffy out there..

Need more evidence? Check out some of your local political-genius types..


No comment..


No comment..

Blonde politicians..

Does this remind you of someone in politics?
This blonde may not be the brightest light in the room but she's
considerably smarter than the people that voted her into office (ie. check out Ontario)..

Ain't it the truth #1..

from ABC (off the People's Cube website)
Socialism in it's infancy..

Ain't it the truth #1..

Socialism maturing.. time to wakeup Canadagradski and USSA

Ain't it the truth #2..

This financial crisis is forcing companies to make some tough decisions..
it's beginning to look like we may have to lay-off Andre!!

Need to find this pub..

This was published in local newspaper (late 70's if I recall correctly)..
Not much has been learned in the interim.

Thought Criminals..