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Send us a message, phone (250)535-4029, or e-Mail to discuss your crane requirement.
We will be pleased to provide an estimate and work with you through completion..

Things we do in our Business

We provide services to Government, the Construction industry, the Film Production industry and the Private sector. We will also consider a joint-venture of interesting projects..

Some of our clients include:

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Terms-of-Contract: Receivables are Due on Invoice (although we may do 'Net 30 days' upon application). This 'link' takes you to our standard terms of contract and application form. Minimum charges for services are rated portal to portal - from time machine leaves our yard until return. Call or e-Mail us for rates on your specific crane requirement

Oh yes, the BIG guy to the right is our collection agent! You really don't want to mess with him..

Our goal (since 1991) is Customer Service and doing it right the first time - safely..

The following Equipment and Services are available on your requirement..
We supply standard rigging / lifting gear. We can also provide job-specific rigging / lifting gear, man baskets, spreader bars, etc.. Need something special for a specific job? Working with our fabricators and engineers, we can also 'create' unique and fully certified job-specific lifting gear..

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